Posted: November 29, 2007

nanoquebec to receive $11 million in Quebec government funding

(Nanowerk News) Today at a major gathering of businesspeople and scientists, NanoQuébec it to be awarded significant Quebec government funding, to the tune of $11 million over the next three years. The announcement will be made by Mr. Raymond Bachand, minister of economic development, innovation and export trade, tourism minister and minister responsible for the Montreal region. The occasion is the official launch of NanoQuébec’s funding program for key research facilities selected through a recent competition.
In the long run, this funding will help consolidate Quebec’s leadership position in Canadian nanotechnology and create wealth in Quebec by accelerating the development and adoption of nanotechnology in the province’s industrial sector.
“This funding from the government of Quebec will make it possible to follow through on the ambitious business plan NanoQuébec released in the spring of 2007,” said NanoQuébec’s Director General, Sylvain Cofsky. “We are committed to making a significant contribution to Quebec’s research and innovation strategy, launched in 2006 by the government of Quebec. We plan to do so by adopting a unifying approach, which will provide direction and focus efforts on activities with very strong potential for innovation.”
Mr. Sylvain Cofsky, NanoQuébec Director General; Mr. Edwin Bourget, vice-rector, research and creation, Université Laval; Mr. Jacques Beauvais, vice-rector, research, Université de Sherbrooke; and Mr. Jocelyn Vézina, President and CEO of TSO3 will speak about the importance of nanotechnology development for the Quebec economy and the strong attractiveness and integration of the nanotechnology research infrastructure supported by NanoQuébec.
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About NanoQuébec
NanoQuébec is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to strengthen innovation in nanotechnology in order to ensure solid and sustained economic growth for Quebec and Canada. Its principal funding partners are MDEIE (Ministère du Développement économique, de l’Innovation et de l’Exportation) and Canada Economic Development.
Source: NanoQuebec
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