Posted: December 14, 2007

Oklahoma Nanotechnology Initiative announces 2007 survey results

(Nanowerk News) The Oklahoma Nanotechnology Initiative announced results from the 2007 Oklahoma Nanotechnology Impact Survey it recently conducted among Oklahoma business leaders, researchers and educators as well as the general public to gauge their nanotechnology perception.
Steve Holley, an instructor at Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology-Okmulgee, assisted with and analyzed the survey.
An affiliate of The State Chamber and funded by the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology, the ONI encourages businesses to adopt nanotechnology applications.
This 2007 survey found:
  • 92 percent of responding Oklahomans have heard of nanotechnology, up from 85 percent in 2006.
  • 34 percent of respondents consider themselves well informed about nanotechnology, a 50-percent increase from 2006.
  • 63 percent believe nanotechnology will have an impact on the Oklahoma economy in the next six to 10 years. In 2006, this number was 50 percent.
  • 86 percent of respondents possess an interest in nanotechnology, and half of those say they would take an introductory course in the field.
  • 80 percent of Oklahoma business leaders believe nanotechnology will have a significant effect on the lives of Oklahomans, and 81 percent agree nanotechnology will have a significant impact on the state’s economy.
  • 24 percent of Oklahoma business leaders are making adjustments to their business plans for the impending nanotechnology impact, up from 20 percent in 2006.
  • Source:; Oklahoma Nanotechnology Initiative
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