Posted: December 20, 2007

Allegany College of Maryland offering nanotechnology program

(Nanowerk News) In the near future, Allegany College of Maryland, in partnership with Penn State University, will offer a nanotechnology degree program.
"Students would complete three semesters here and one at Penn State," ACM President Don Alexander said at a recent meeting of the ACM Board of Trustees.
"It's the future of manufacturing," Bruce Exstrom, vice president of instruction at ACM, said of nanotechnology, which deals with manufacturing at the molecular level.
Students enrolled in the program would receive free room accommodations at Penn State after successfully completing the courses at ACM, said Alexander.
"We're very fortunate to be close to Penn State," he said.
At ACM, students would take a variety of math and science courses.
"It's not an easy program," said Alexander. "I don't expect a great amount of enrollment, but I think it's a great opportunity."
Those who complete the program will receive an associate degree in nanotechnology from ACM.
Going to work in a laboratory or transferring into an engineering program are among the possible options for those who finish, said Exstrom.
The program is still in the early planning stages, said Exstrom.
Source: Cumberland Times News (Jennifer Raley)
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