Posted: December 31, 2007

Chinese experts call for nanotechnology information development

(Nanowerk News) Although nano-materials are currently high on research agenda, efforts should be made to promote nano-information technology in China because nanoelectronics is the nanotechnology with most market potentials, says Prof. HU Weiwu from the CAS Institute of Computing Technology.
Hu made the appeal at the 317th Session of the Xiangshan Science Conferences held from December 18-20, 2007 in Beijing.
Under the theme of scientific issues concerning the system of nano-scale information functional devices and its development trend, the Xiangshan meeting was jointly chaired by FAN Shoushan and XUE Qikun, both from Tsinghua University, and GUO Wanlin from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.
According to experts, the current investment of China's major programs in nano-science and technology is focusing on nano-materials and quantum information technology, scoring a batch of results in preparation and characterization of low-dimensional nano-structures and physical properties, quantum cryptography and quantum optics. But China's efforts to integrate with the existing framework of silicon-based information technology so as develop more realistic nano-electroics and molecules technology have largely been constrained by the slower pace of lithography technology development when compared with the industrialized countries.
Although the number of China's S&T workers ranks first in the world, about 70% of them are working at research institutions. In such scenario, it will be an important task for the government and researchers alike to further promote the studies in the fields of nano-device systems and make breakthroughs in micro-silicon technology, say participants of the meeting.
Source: CAS
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