Posted: January 21, 2008

Nanotechnology, sci-fi, master chief vacuum cleaner

(Nanowerk News) Normally, this kind of entry is reserved for our Slow News Friday section, but since it is a slow news (MLK holiday) Monday, we'll make an exception.
It takes a lot to differentiate something like a vacuum cleaner in today's high-tech world of Dysons and Roombas, but it appears that Samsung is attempting to appeal to the gaming crowd by designing a model shaped like the Master Chief character from the Halo universe.
Master Chief helmet Samsung nanotech vacuum cleaner
Hint: the vacuum cleaner is not green...
The Silencio SC9540 packs in all the high-end features you'd expect from a TV manufacturer making vacuums – cyclonic suction, HEPA filter, super-special silver nanoparticle coating – yet really stands out due to its rather striking resemblance to that dude from the Halo games.
As for the nanotechnology part: SAMSUNG’s Silver Nano technology applies the anti bacterial properties of silver to the dust bin, pre motor filter and post motor filter of the vacuum cleaner, preventing the build up of bacteria and odours and ensuring that the air emitted is odour free and bacteria free.
Samsung's Master Chief vacuum cleaner: Kills bacteria. Dead.
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