Posted: January 31, 2008

Nanotechnology - towards reducing animal testing

(Nanowerk News) While animal testing of materials and products is still required by many regulatory systems, it is costly and in many cases results cannot be directly extrapolated to humans. Additionally, the Protocol on Protection and Welfare of Animals, annexed to the EC Treaty, is firmly aimed at improving protection and respect for the welfare of animals as sentient beings.
In November 2005, a broad partnership of European industry associations, including those from the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, biotechnology, crop protection and detergents sectors, agreed a landmark  “Three Rs Declaration” with the European Commission aimed at refining, reducing or replacing animal use in testing. Based on the Declaration, this partnership also undertook to cooperate on developing alternative approaches, to improve validation of alternative methods, and to foster innovation in alternative testing.
The application of nanotechnology is currently revolutionizing medicine and the lifesciences and this important two-day Conference (the first of its kind in Europe) will, in the spirit of the European Declaration, examine the role nanotechnology and other advanced technologies can also play in terms of bringing innovation or improvement to alternatives to animal testing and to the “3Rs”.
Event: Nanotechnology - towards reducing animal testing
When: May 28-29, 2008
Where: London, UK
The Conference will be of particular interest to those in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industry sectors who are obliged to work towards alternative testing methods, as well as to regulators, test laboratories and organizations working towards the reduction of animal experiments and promotion of the “3Rs” principles.
The Conference, which will be held in the prestigious and historic surroundings of The Royal Society, will:
  • Examine how an understanding of properties of materials at the nanoscale can bring new insights into the development of in-vitro methods.
  • Showcase some of the most promising new alternative strategies and methods based on nano- and advanced technologies.
  • Bring together some of the world’s leading experts in the development of alternatives.
  • For online registration and payment visit
    Please contact [email protected] for details of promotional opportunities or submission of abstracts.
    Source: Institute of Nanotechnology
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