Posted: February 8, 2008

Organic retailer launches nanotechnology info campaign

(Nanowerk News) Less than a month after UK organic certifier The Soil Association banned nanoparticles in beauty products bearing its label, French online organic retailer Mademoiselle Bio is launching an information campaign on nanoparticles for the products available on its e-commerce site. Starting February 15, all products sold on the site containing nanomaterials will be accompanied by a notice informing customers of their presence.
“I decided to do this because there’s a real lack of such initiatives on the market. There’s no solid evidence that nanoparticles are safe, but regulators and even organic certifiers aren’t doing much to inform the public,” Mademoiselle Bio founder and president Violette Watine tells CosmeticNews. “As a consumer, I would want to know if potentially unsafe ingredients were being used in products, so it made sense to add the information,” she continues, saying she had obtained information about nanoparticles in formulations from manufacturers, since no law currently requires them to include the information on labels.
Launched in 2006, Mademoiselle Bio retails around 20 organically certified and fair-trade niche skincare and fragrance brands.
Source: CosmeticNews (Courtney Traub)
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