Posted: February 27, 2008

FDA-ANH nanotechnology initiative scientific workshop

(Nanowerk News) The Alliance for NanoHealth (ANH) and the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) are co-sponsoring a scientific workshop being held in Houston, Texas on March 10-12th, 2008.
This workshop, called the "FDA-ANH Nanotechnology Initiative Scientific Workshop", is an invitation-only event dedicated to obtaining feedback from stakeholders in an attempt to identify key scientific and translational challenges in nanoengineered medical product development.
In this regard, the organizers have assembled ∼50 key stakeholders from industry, Federal government, and academia.
A main deliverable of this workshop will be the development and publication of a short list of existing translational gaps and a the key elements that will be needed to bridge these gaps.
It is hoped that by implementing joint projects, having these key elements, we can work with stakeholders to overcome R&D hurdles, inform regulatory review of nanoengineered biomedical products, and ultimately, benefit patients. The results of the Workshop will be made available in the public domain.
Source: Alliance for NanoHealth
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