Posted: March 21, 2008

TTNA members' briefing with Australian Nanotechnology in Brisbane

(Nanowerk News) Australian Technical Textiles and Nonwovens (TTNA) members and guests will have the opportunity to meet members of the Australian Nantechnology Alliance in Brisbane on the afternoon of Thursday, April, 17 2008 to discuss synergies and future collaborative projects and business.
Modern textiles do so much more than clothe us.
Through applications of nanotechnology, scientists have devised fabrics that are water repellent, incorporate sensors that monitor health through to elite athletic performance, and even now offer the opportunity to generate electricity that will allow the recharging of our mobile phone or MP3 simply through physical movement.
Nanotechnology is revolutionising all aspects of our lives and through our two guest speakers, we will learn that traditional materials can now have much broader applications—well, that’s as long as a piece of string.
The briefing is following the official launch of Future Materials - another organisation with potential business opportunities for TTNA members.
Source: TTNA
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