Posted: April 27, 2008

Iran and India hold nanotechnology conference

(Nanowerk News) A joint conference on Iran-India nanotechnology began at Imam Khomeini Hospital in Tehran on Sunday.
Secretary of the conference noted that keynote speakers, D.Rao, a senior advisor to Indian prime minister, will also deliver a speech at the event.
Saeed Sarkar observed that some 150 articles have been submitted to the secretariat of the conference, of which 100 articles were accepted.
"The top four articles will be awarded at the end of the conference," he added.
He further noted that India is among the ten top countries in the fields of nanotechnology and called for bolstering ties with India in the field of nanotechnology.
Referring to the two countries cultural commonalties, he observed, "We are interested in expanding our scientific relations with India rather than the Western countries."
Sarkar also called for exchange of students and lecturers between the two countries.
"In addition to the conference, exhibitions and introduction on nanotechnology workshops will be held to introduce different aspects of this pivotal technology to the participants," he said.
The conference will run for three days from April 27.
Source: IRNA
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