Posted: May 3, 2008

The Hitchhikers Guide to Nanotechnology - nanotechnology discussion Scotland

(Nanowerk News) The complex and at time controversial topic of nanotechnology is brought into sharp focus at Stirling University Management Centre on 7th May 2008 under the Business Forum Scotland banner. It promises to be an exciting discussion involving two of Scotland's leading Nanotechnology experts.
Significant contributions to the evening will come from The Institute of Nanotechnology who are lead members of the pan European forum, and who provide start up support for Nanotechnology businesses via the NanoMicroClub.
Kelvin Nanotechnology Limited provide a wide range of R&D and prototyping services for semiconductor, optoelectronic, bioelectronic and nanoelectronic market places. They bring to the discussion sharp focus on the commercial and logistic challenges of the Nanotechnology sector with their experience of developing unique technology.
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Mrs Ronnie Johnstone

Tel: 01506 491747

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About Business Forum Scotland

Business Forum Scotland are a charitable organisation who support high growth start-up businesses through the promotion of business advice via structured support events.

About the Institute of Nanotechnology
The Institute of Nanotechnology is a unique organization that grew out of the Centre in Scotland for Nanotechnology which was established in 1994. The Institute was registered as a separate company in January 1997, and shortly afterward obtained full charitable status. Its aims are to raise awareness of nanotechnology, and all the issues surrounding this relatively new field that promises to affect almost every aspect of our daily lives.
About Kelvin Nanotechnology Ltd
Kelvin Nanotechnology Ltd (KNT) provide nanofabrication solutions to industry and academia delivered through the state of the art James Watt Nanofabrication Centre. With the proliferation of nanotechnology into new application spaces, the company is constantly expanding and developing our industrially facing processes and technology from textiles to food from life sciences to engineering.
Source: Business Forum Scotland
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