Posted: May 29, 2008

Lecture: The Age of Nanotechnology

(Nanowerk News) If you happen to be in London on July 8, maybe you are interested in hearing James Gimzewski, Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at UCLA and leading nanoscientist, talk about the strongest material ever made, the reality of a space elevator, how the electronics industry kick-started the nanomedicine revolution, and the potential for programming single molecules.
If that's not enough diversity in one individual, he will also share with his audience some of his passion for the artistic interpretation of the nano world!
The Institute of Nanotechnology and the Institute of Engineering are delighted to announce the prestige launch lecture for their joint Micro and Nano Technology Network, to be given by Professor James Gimzewski at 6.30 pm, Tuesday 8th July, at The IET, Savoy Place, London.
Tea and coffee available from 5.30 pm
To reserve your place and confirm your attendance at this special occasion, please fill out and submit the online form which can be found at
Source: Institute of Nanotechnology
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