Posted: July 4, 2008

Seven open nanotechnology PhD positions in various European locations

(Nanowerk News) HERODOT is a European network that provides a training through research program for young researchers in the field of colloidal nanomaterials. It brings together a set of partners from European universities (Utrecht, Gent, Dortmund, Lille and Leuven), research centers (IEMN, IMEC) and industry (Philips and IBM). The research program concerns the development of quantum dot and quantum rod heterostructures with a focus on applications in photonics. This covers a wide range of nanotechnology research topics, such as:
  • Synthesis and processing of colloidal quantum dots and quantum rods.
  • Scanning probe microscopy (STM, EFM) of quantum dot heterostructures.
  • Optical characterization of colloidal nanomaterials.
  • Theory and modeling of colloidal nanostructures.
  • Use of colloidal quantum dots as light sources.
  • Use of colloidal quantum dots for optical signal handling.
  • HERODOT is presently recruiting 7 young scientists with a masters degree in chemistry, physics or engineering at the Early Stage Researcher (PhD) level.
    1. Synthesis and optoelectronic properties of colloidal Type-II heteronanocrystals – Utrecht University (The Netherlands). Contact:[email protected] – Info:
    2. Near infra red nanomaterials for optical signal handling – Ghent University (Belgium). Contact: [email protected] – Info:
    3. Chemical and structural characterization of nanomaterials – Ghent University (Belgium). Contact: [email protected] – Info:
    4. Tunneling spectroscopy of nanoscale semiconductor heterojunctions based on colloidal quantum dots – IEMN (France) Contact:[email protected] – Info:
    5. Optical spectroscopy of colloidal nanocrystals – University of Dortmund (Germany). Contact: [email protected] – Info:
    6. Electronic structure and optical properties of heterogeneous quantum dot nanomaterials: theory and modeling – IEMN (France). Contact:[email protected] – Info:
    7. Triplet harvesting and charge transport in disordered organic layers doped with semiconductor nanoparticles - Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium). Contact: [email protected]
    Each researcher will take part in the HERODOT training program that comprises local and network-wide training activities including dedicated workshops, a summer school and a network conference. All positions will start from October, 1st 2008.
    To apply to the different positions, please send a motivation letter and a resume to the contact persons given above by August, 31st 2008.
    Source: Gent University
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