Posted: July 24, 2008

UALR scientist named to Romanian Nano-Medicine Institute

(Nanowerk News) The newly formed Romanian Nano-Medicine Institute has named Dr. Alex Biris chief scientist at the Nanotechnology Center at UALR, as its honorary president. He also serves as a founding member of the organization.
The Romanian Nano-Medicine Institute facilitates research in the areas of nanotechnology and medicine, targeting cancer and chronic diseases. Biris said the Romanian institute will have parallel research programs with the Nanotechnology Center at UALR.
“The Institute will be sending two surgeons over here in the fall and two more in the spring to perform joint research with us at UALR,” Biris said. “The Romanian government will provide funding both for the scientists’ travel and research needs."
The Institute has 21 founding members, including Biris’ father, and aims to have over 100 members in the next year. The younger Biris, a native of Romania, graduated from UALR in 2006 with a Ph.D. in applied science. Biris’ affiliation with the Romanian institute bring doctors and scientists to Arkansas to perform research and will provide UALR an opportunity to benefit from funding provided through the European Union to member countries that engage in research endeavors with the United States.
“As a country, Romania is ambitious to take a leading role in nanotechnology,” Biris said. “Research money has increased in the past few years, and we’re anticipating more fruitful partnerships with the scientists over there.”
Source: KARK 4 News
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