Posted: August 5, 2008

Japanese-German dialogue on micro- and nanotechnology sets direction for the future

(Nanowerk News) With over 300 participants from Japan, the Japanese-German Micro/Nano Business Forum at the Exhibition Micromachine/MEMS on July 30 in Tokyo was a huge success. At this most important event for microsystems technology in Japan, IVAM Microtechnology Network in cooperation with the Micromachine Center organized the workshop for the first time. Discussed were production processes with microprecision as well as measuring technology and business development with micro- and nanotechnology.
Prof. Dr. Masayoshi Esashi from the Tohoku University in Sendai focused on new models for open collaboration in the area of micro- and nanotechnology. Carsten Wesselkamp from Plan Optik AG showed new 3D packaging solutions and wafer-level packaging technologies. “In the area of micro-electro-mechanical systems, the Exhibition Micromachine/MEMS is the world’s best event“, states Wesselkamp, “the workshop has lead to an increased demand at our company”.
Even Toshiro Shimoyama, former chairman of Olympus and honorary chairman of the Micromachine Center, joined the event to get to know technology developments from Germany. During three days, altogether about 15,000 visitors were counted. The visitor as well as the exhibitor numbers are rising continuously. IVAM Managing Director Dr. Uwe Kleinkes: “We are happy about the success in 2008 and look forward to the activities in the next year.”
Source: IVAM
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