Posted: August 7, 2008

Nanotechnology included in Australia-Korea grants program

(Nanowerk News) The New South Wales–Gangwon Technology Collaboration Ageeement creates a technology cooperation framework of which the key element is a collaborative grant program to support joint proof of concept projects of one year or less between researchers and/or companies from both New South Wales and Gangwon.
Priority areas identified in the Agreement are:
  • medical devices
  • information and communication technologies
  • advanced materials
  • biotechnology
  • nanotechnology.
  • Grants of one year may be requested by a collaborative research team consisting of at least one New South Wales company/researcher and at least one Gangwon company/researcher. These grants will allow collaborative research teams to prove concepts that will enable them to take projects from research to early stage commercialisation.
    The financial support available will be tailored to the scientific needs of the proposal. Requests for funding can include:
  • labor costs
  • project management and administration costs
  • support for additional research, technical or other costs
  • consumables
  • travel costs
  • equipment
  • prototype, trial and demonstration expenditure.
  • NSW-Gangwon technology collaboration website
    Through this website researchers and companies from New South Wales and Gangwon can:
  • download and submit their preliminary proposals for collaborative projects
  • review preliminary proposals from their counterpart region to identify joint research partners
  • download final application forms for joint submission in hard copy to New South Wales and/or Gangwon Government contacts.
  • For the 2008 funding round, preliminary applications close on 30 September 2008 and final applications on 15 November 2008.
    For more information

    Senior Manager Manufacturing (BioMedical)

    +61 2 9338 6968

    [email protected]

    Source: New South Wales Government
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