Posted: August 7, 2008

Indian workshop on 'Medical and Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology' - Latest developments, practical considerations and applications

(Nanowerk News) Anna University Tiruchirappalli is organizing a conference titled "Medical and Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology - Latest developments, practical considerations and applications" on September 25-26, 2008.
Anna University is one of the new Technical Universities that has been established by the Government of Tamil Nadu at Tiruchirappalli, a city of rich cultural heritage with a host of reputed educational institutions and known as Rock Fort city with a view to impart quality student centered technical education by striving hard for continuous development and improvement in learning, research and developmental activities so as to produce proven technocrats. The University carries out teaching, research and extension services through its centres, departments and constituent and affiliated colleges. It also works to foster partnerships with academic and industry experts to provide educational opportunities and training.
Eminent speakers and experts from various parts of the world will participate the two-day conference. The speakers will give hands-on practical training on various sophisticated instruments that could be utilized for medical and pharmaceutical nanotechnology to all the participants. Eminent researchers will present papers on various subjects like nanomedicine, pharmaceutical sciences, nano-chemistry and nano-synthesis.
P Selvamani, organizing secretary of the Seminar and lecturer to the department of Pharmaceutical Technology said, this conference cum workshop is organized to educate, learn, and share the knowledge on the principles, theory and concept of basic nanotechnology and its applications in medical and other allied fields. This technology explores the rapidly expanding role and significant performance advantages of nanoparticles in pharmaceutical applications.
This international conference and workshop on Medical and Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology will promise to be an exciting opportunity to hear about the latest initiatives and research avenues in medical nanotechnology. This Conference provides an ideal venue for interaction between students, industrialists, engineers, scientists and clinical investigators conducting research relevant to nanotechnology and the life sciences. The Conference would be especially attractive to beginners, research investigators and students who want to learn the theoretical developments, hands on practical experience in the formulation, characterization and evaluation medical nanotechnology and about the latest funding opportunities relevant to nanoscience and nanotechnology.
Experts will discuss and provide handson practical training on initiatives relevant to nanoscience and nanotechnology. Global and national students /researchers will be presenting their work in areas such as nanomedicine, pharmaceutical sciences, nanochemistry and nanosynthesis. Conference participants will have the opportunity to interact with scientists and innovators from industrial representatives.
Source: Anna University Tiruchirappalli
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