Posted: July 24, 2006

Partners in the Nanofun-Poly project found the first European nanostructured polymer centre

(Nanowerk News) The headquarters of the European Centre for Nanostructured Polymers will be in Turin and it will focus on promoting technological excellence and innovation applied to the aeronautical, automotive, telecommunications, optoelectronics and health (nanobiomaterials) sectors.
The Centre comes into being one year before planned by the 6th European Framework Programme and is the first born of the many networks of excellence existing in Europe. The Nanofun-poly European Excellence Network is made up of 26 partners representing European public and private research centres, one of which is INASMET-Tecnalia.
INASMET-Tecnalia will play a leading role on the Board of Directors of the new Centre. The Centre will be a limited company, headquartered in Florence and with its initial capital provided by the 8 founding partners, representing countries such as France, Germany, Greece, Sweden and Italy, shortly to be joined by other partners from Spain (CSIC), the Czech Republic and the Netherlands.
The new European Centre for Nanostructured Polymers has formally founded in Florence (Italy) on Friday July 14th. Pedro Carnicer, a member of the INASMET-Tecnalia Board of Directors, will sign the agreement on behalf of our technological centre.
The Centre’s mission is to coordinate and carry out joint activities to promote excellence in European technological development in the priority sectors of the ERA (European Research Area), especially in polymer nanotechnologies.
Industries such as aeronautics, automotion, optoelectronics and health, among others, need new solutions that offer cutting-edge technologies in the field of materials and processes, grouped under the denomination of “nanocomposites” and “functional, nanostructured polymers”. The activities of the new Centre will complement technological innovation and its industrial applications with training, knowledge management and technology transfer.
Source: INASMET-Tecnalia
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