Nanotechnology typesetting with 40 nm block letters

(Nanowerk News) The world's first nanoscale book was published as a work of fine art by Robert Chaplin at the Nano Imaging Facility of Simon Fraser University.
This book, complete with an International Standard Book Number (ISBN-978-1- 894897-17-4), is entitled 'Teeny Ted From Turnip Town'. It was written by Malcolm Douglas Chaplin and is a fable concerning the success of Teeny Ted from Turnip town and his victory in the Turnip contest at the annual county fair. It is at present the world's smallest published book.
world's tiniest book Teeny Ted From Turnip Town
How it was made
The Robert Chaplin/SFU Nanobook project was produced using a focused-gallium-ion beam with the assistance of Dr. Li Yang, and Dr. Karen L. Kavanagh of Simon Fraser University, located at the summit of Burnaby Mountain, Burnaby, BC. The gallium beam has a minimum diameter of 7 nanometers, and was programmed to carve the space surrounding each letter of a book.
The book was typeset in block letters with a resolution of 40 nanometers, and is made up of 30 microtablets, each carved on a polished piece of single crystalline silicon. The entire collection of microtablets is contained within an area of 69 x 97 microns square with an average size of tablet being 11 x 15 microns square.
Guiness book of world records
The 'Guinness Book of World Records' cites two records for very small books: The new testament of the King James Bible, (5 x 5 mm, MIT, 2001) and Chekhov's 'Chameleon' (0.9 x 0.9 mm, Palkovic, 2002). 'Teeny Ted from Turnip Town', is much smaller. This original publication has a total size of less that 0.07 x 0.10 mm. It is an exquisite work of contemporary art, available in a signature edition of 100 copies, from Robert Chaplin, via Simon Fraser University, Nano Imaging Facility.
Source: Robert Chaplin
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