Nanotechnology conference reminder: NanoEurope

(Nanowerk News) NanoEurope would like to call your attention to the various activities of this year's 6th NanoEurope in St.Gallen.
The 6th NanoEurope / 4th NanoRegulation Conference: Bringing Business, Science and Authorities together
The sixth NanoEurope 2008 again brings expert forecasts, trend analysis and industry presentations helping engineers, managers and investors to understand important developments which affect markets and the achieving of optimal business results. At the 4th NanoRegulation conference voluntary measures in Nano Risk Governance will be discussed. NanoEurope provides you the ideal venue for interacting with early adopters of nanotechnology and enables industry investors to meet with top business and technology executives:
  • 4th International NanoRegulation Conference, 16th-17th September
  • Commercialization Strategies and Investment Know-how for Managers, 16th September
  • Multifunctional Textiles, 16th September
  • Nano-based Electronic and Sensor Systems, 17th September
  • Systems with Functionalized Surfaces and Structures, 17th September
  • 4. Int. NanoRegulation Conference: How safe is safe enough?
    The NanoRegulation Conference focuses on voluntary measures in nanotechnology risk governance (Codes of Conduct, Risk Management Systems, Disclosure Agreements, etc.). It will offer a good overview over different approaches and experiences with these instruments and engage representatives from industry and the public in an international dialog with authorities. Participants will gain first-hand insight in the current state of the international debate on voluntary measures that are increasingly seen as an important element in the future regulatory landscape. The conference aims at representatives of regulatory authorities as well as decision makers in industry, (re)insurance, politics and the public."
    Why attend?
    The diverse events and activities in the context of NanoEurope 2008 offer unique opportunities to network with executives, regulators, investors, scientists and thought leaders in the field of nanotechnology. The offered platform allows you to get in contact with potential partners for joint ventures, strategic alliances and research collaborations or to update you on the latest developments in research, applications and regulation. For the full program information and online reservation please visit
    Source: NanoEurope
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