Posted: September 11, 2008

Japan Technology Group to Present Free Showcase of Innovations in Biotechnology and Medical Science

(Nanowerk News) Japan Technology Group will present a free showcase of Japanese innovations in the area of Biotechnology, Medical science and Healthcare. The showcase will be held on October 20, 2008, at the Union League in Philadelphia (140 South Broad Street). Registration will begin at 8AM.
The showcase offers an unparalleled opportunity for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, academic research institutions and investors to gather in one place to learn about current research trends in Japan and find untapped Japanese innovations for business opportunities across the globe. The showcase innovations will be presented by Japan's leading research institutions, and graduate universities such as Tokyo University of Science, Waseda University, the EBM company, among others.
This event is an outcrop of the Japanese government's deregulation that made it possible for researchers at national universities to seek-out alliances with the private sector including those abroad. The reform has helped universities open up their research to private corporations, however, it also brought the cutbacks in government funding leaving them no choice but to seek revenue elsewhere.
With increased competition among the national universities for government grants, all focus has shifted abroad. A new University-Corporation collaboration budget for this year has been set for $30M, which will go to various universities to create infrastructure to help remove barriers at universities and encourage inward foreign direct investment. With these factors in place, now more than ever, the time is ripe for foreign companies to tap into core technologies and research done in Japanese academic institutions.
Taro Yaguchi, president of Japan Technology Group, hopes this showcase will contribute to the developing trend where the Japanese start-up businesses and research institutions are attempting to globalize their operations abroad. "This is the second of such events we have organized, bit it continues to be a big opportunity for foreign corporations. It is my hope that more and more overseas companies will take advantage of the recent developments, and gain access to the high-quality innovations that can be found in Japanese research institutions".
The technologies showcased during the event include Bone Marrow-directing Drug Delivery Materials and Red Blood Cell Substitutes, Improved Fluorescent Dye Microspheres, Surgical System for Coronary Artery Bypass, just to mention a few.
For more information on the showcase and to register for this free event, go to:
Source: Japan Technology Group
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