Posted: September 19, 2008

Nano 101 sessions at NanoMedicine Summit will reach out to High School students

(Nanowerk News) Alexis Abramson, Ph.D., NorTech Fellow in Nanotechnology, Co-Director of the Nano-Network, and Assistant Professor in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Case Western Reserve University, will be speaking at six local high schools, presenting "Nano 101" to students.
Part of Nano Week in Cleveland, which is taking place September 22 - 26, the "Nano 101" sessions will engage students in a discussion about nanotechnology and guide them through understanding its impact. Dr. Abramson has been giving these well-received talks since 2006 to a wide ranging audience from pre-schoolers to multi-billion dollar technology corporations. Schools included in the talks are Aurora, Brecksville-Broadview Heights, Midpark, Revere, Riverside, and West Geauga.
"This is the fifth annual Nano Week and in the past we've typically focused on the adult population," said Dr. Abramson. "But this year we wanted to spend some time educating high school students on nanotechnology. These students are the scientists and engineers of our future and we're excited to have an opportunity to engage them in a dialogue about these innovative technologies."
The anchor event for Nano Week will be the NanoMedicine Summit, being held September 25 - 26 at the Ritz Carlton, Cleveland. Several students from select high schools will also be attending the summit.
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Source: Case Western Reserve University
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