Posted: September 21, 2008

Confederation of Indian Industry drafts 10-point nanotechnology industrialzation plan

(Nanowerk News) Apex chamber Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) today said the government and industry need to partner and propagate the use of nanotechnology.
CII has put together a 10-point action plan to empower Indian industry to come out with commercial nanotechnology products. The plan includes creating awareness, undertaking training and skill development, technology facilitation, networking and facilitating collaborative projects.
"It is important for the Indian industry to become part of the nanotechnology revolution," it said.
The industry body has urged the government to establish a network of infrastructure facility to support the industry. Facilities in institutes like IISc and IITs should be made available to the industry on a 'pay-per-use' basis.
A dedicated skill development initiative is required to support development of human resource and standards. Procedures must be developed and harmonized with international standards, it added.
The government should also set up a dedicated fund for commercialization of nanotechnology products. "This could be in the form of soft loans, repayable after five years of sales at attractive interest rates," it said.
Nanotechnology development in India is at an early stage, it said adding that a lot still needs to be done before commercial nanotechnology products can be churned out by Indian industry.
"Most developed nations are investing heavily in nanotechnology research, realizing its potential in societal and defense applications and India must join the race for the development of this clean and efficient technology," it said.
Source: Press Trust of India
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