Posted: September 29, 2008

UK workshop: Nanoscale imaging and force measurements in Life Sciences

(Nanowerk News) JPK Instruments announces a workshop to be held on Tuesday 2nd December at the Oxford Science Park.
This free workshop combines presentations on cutting edge applications and new instrumental breakthroughs from leading research groups and JPK applications scientists. Topics will include single molecule imaging, molecular recognition, cell adhesion/cytomechanics, trapping and tracking nanoparticle interactions. Practical demonstrations and advice on imaging and force spectroscopy techniques will additionally include new technology to quantify single cell adhesion processes and signalling pathways.
Speakers from leading research groups will describe their latest developments applying atomic force microscopy, force spectroscopy and optical tweezers techniques. These techniques are increasingly being used in the life sciences in areas including molecular biology, tissue engineering and biomedical devices. Recent developments seamlessly interface these technologies with optical and confocal microscopies, dramatically enhancing their capabilities for bioscience researchers.
The meeting will provide the opportunity for researchers to discover exciting applications of these emerging techniques as well as providing a collaborative forum for the sharing of knowledge. The Oxford Science Park venue has ample parking and is readily accessed from Oxford’s rail and bus stations. Registration is free of charge and includes refreshments and a buffet lunch.
For further information and registration, contact Drew Murray at JPK’s UK offices: (email: [email protected], fax: 01223 815662 or telephone: 01223 815645).
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About JPK Instruments
JPK Instruments AG is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of nanoanalytic instruments - particularly atomic force microscope (AFM) systems and optical tweezers- for research in life sciences and soft matter.
Source: JPK
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