Posted: October 2, 2008

European nanotechnology initiative offers training for ceramic nanocomposites

(Nanowerk News) Ceramic Nanocomposites are one of the most promising materials for an increasing number of future-oriented applications such as mirrors for earth observatory systems, knee and hip implants, coating powders for car and aerospace surfaces, etc.
All these interesting applications are being developed in research and some of them are ready-to-use in industrial processes. But what is the background of these new “knowledge-based” materials? Which are the technological and scientific barriers to overcome in order to obtain added-value products? What synthesis, processing and up-scaling technologies are available right now and in the next future?.
In the present training action on “Ceramic Nanocomposites” experts of the Consortium of the Integrated Project NANOKER will give answers to these and a lot of other questions related to the world of ceramic nanomaterials.
The objectives of the training are to 1) provide high-level research and industrial orientated education on synthesis, processing and characterization of ceramic nanostructured materials, and 2) disseminate the publishable project results of a complex, multidisciplinary European research project to young engineers and researchers interested in future-oriented application fields.
The Training Action is aimed at young researchers and professionals being resident in one of the EU Member states, particularly persons with a degree in Chemistry, Physics, Metallurgy, Materials Science interested in acquiring specialized training in the development of nanostructured materials with applications in the fields of biomedicine, optics, and materials for use in extreme conditions.
The courses will take place on February 23-27, 2009 in Madrid, Spain.
Source: IP Nanoker
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