Posted: October 3, 2008

Advanced course on 'Morphing aircraft - materials, mechanisms and systems'

(Nanowerk News) An advanced course on 'Morphing aircraft - materials, mechanisms and systems' will be held from 17 to 20 November in Lisbon, Portugal.
Morphing vehicles are designed to adapt to different missions and roles through reconfiguration of shapes, constituent properties or functions. The course is intended to give an overview of current and emerging technologies relevant to morphing aircraft.
Experts working on different morphing systems and technology specialists will present course material through a series of lectures, design projects, demonstrations and discussions. The needs of, and ideas for, new technologies will also be examined. Some of the topics to be covered during the course include:
  • morphing background and historical perspectives;
  • overview of morphing activities in the EU and the German Aerospace Centre (DLR);
  • novel motors and morphing applications;
  • from morphing wing research to bio-inspired design;
  • mechanisms of morphing; active winglets; bi-stable structures and compliant mechanisms;
  • adaptive camber mechanism for morphing;
  • active composites and structural conformity;
  • overview of morphing activities in the USA;
  • distributed actuation system design for a flexible, in-plane, morphing wing;
  • morphing and aero-elasticity for very flexible aircraft;
  • structural design for morphing wings.
  • Source: Cordis
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