Posted: November 7, 2008

Home solar energy panels

(Nanowerk News) Suite 101 has published an article, by Bernard P. Nelson, titled “Home Solar Energy Panels.” The article provides information about solar energy improvements such as thin film solar panels, and solar nano antennas that work at night.
The article quotes sources such as Nasa and the Idaho National Lab who are working with the Department of Defense to develop more cost-effective and efficient solar panel technologies. Most consumer choices for solar panels are 12 volt systems. According to the article solar panels must be attached to the roof which could void some home warranties.;
How Solar Panels Work
The Suite 101 article provides much information from the Nasa science site. The solar panel conversion into electricity is called “The Photovoltaic Effect.” The article goes on the explain the process for converting solar energy into electricity.
Solar Panel Efficiency
Information is provided about the futuristic solar energy research conducted by the Idaho National Lab. The lab is working on developing more efficient solar energy technology as current solar panels convert only 40% of the electrons captured into electricity.
Thin Film Solar Panels
The “Home Solar Energy Panels” article provides information about the advantages of using thin film solar panels. One advantage discussed is that this technology does not require a roof attachment .
Solar Panels That Work At Night
The breakthrough information provided is about the Idaho National Lab project to develop solar nano antennas that will also work at night using earth’s radiation release. More information about this project is discussed in the article.
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Source: Suite 101
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