Posted: November 12, 2008

Nanofibers for the third millenium

(Nanowerk News) The international summit of the world´s leaders in nanofibers – Nanofibers for the 3rd Millennium - NANO FOR LIFE organized in the cooperation of Elmarco Ltd., Technical University in Liberec, North Carolina State University and Institute of Experimental Medicine AS CR, will take place on 11th and 12th March 2009 in Prague, Czech Republic.
The aim of the summit is to gather the best and brightest minds from industry and academia and to share the latest developments in the nanofiber production technologies, research and applications. Summit´s key topic is possible applications of Nanofibers in important areas of human activities - energy, water, cars, health, environment and building.
Participants will also have an opportunity to gather within the brokerage event organized on 12th March during the summit. Brokerage event aims at promoting matchmaking and bilateral meetings among research, scientific and industrial partners from all over the world in order to explore cooperation opportunities and facilitate transnational technology transfer and transnational scientific cooperation.
In addition to bilateral meetings, participants will be given the opportunity to attend thematic workshops dedicated to applications of Nanofibers with possible presentation of their research projects, results and activities.
The international brokerage event within the summit is organized with the support of the Enterprise Europe Network.
More information on the international summit is available on its official website
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