Posted: November 24, 2008

The Hastings Center and National University of Singapore join forces in bioethics scholarship and launch new journal

(Nanowerk News) The Hastings Center and the Centre for Biomedical Ethics (CBmE) at the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore (YLLSoM, NUS) have announced a collaboration aimed at expanding bioethics scholarship in Asia. The collaboration draws on The Hastings Center’s scholarly as well as editorial expertise. The Hastings Center is the world’s first bioethics institute, and publishes the Hastings Center Report, the oldest and leading peer-reviewed journal in the field.   
Under the editorial component of the partnership, The Hastings Center is helping the CBmE launch a new online journal, named the Asian Bioethics Review. Gregory Kaebnick, editorial director of the Center and editor of the Hastings Center Report, is liaison editor for this new journal, collaborating with the editor-in chief, Professor Leonardo de Castro of CBmE.  
In addition to providing editorial advice and services, the Center will allow the CBmE to simultaneously publish selected articles from the Hastings Center Report. The inaugural issue of the new journal is set to appear in December 2008.            
To enhance bioethics scholarship in Asia, the Center and the University have established a visiting scholar program that will enable researchers from the Singapore clinical, biomedical science, and bioethics communities to spend one to three months at the Center. Visitors from Singapore can develop their bioethics projects under the guidance of Hastings Center scholars, and Center staff can spend significant periods of time learning from colleagues who are usually located half a world away.  
The first visiting scholar was Jacqueline Chin, a research fellow at the CBmE. “The intellectual support from scholars at The Hastings Center advanced my research on privacy issues tremendously,” said Chin of her stay in November. “The off-site visits to Harvard and Georgetown to discuss biobanking and other issues have led to opportunities for future research together.”
The collaboration was announced by Thomas H. Murray, president of The Hastings Center, and Alastair V. Campbell, director of the Centre for Biomedical Ethics and Chen Su Lan Centennial Professor of Medical Ethics at the YLLSoM, NUS. “The Centre for Biomedical Ethics at the National University of Singapore is rapidly establishing a reputation for excellence in bioethics in Asia and in the world. The Hastings Center is delighted to be working in partnership with our colleagues there to promote creative and culturally informed bioethics research,” said Murray.
“We are honored and delighted to be launching this collaboration,” said Campbell. “This will be a very significant step forward in East-West scholarly interchange in bioethics, promising an enriched and culturally nuanced understanding of the field.”
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