Posted: December 3, 2008

New SciFinder podcasts cover nanotechnology topics

(Nanowerk News) The SciFinder series of podcasts from the American Chemical Society's CAS division explores a vast array of current interest topics and new discoveries in the 21st century and shows how SciFinder can play a significant role in providing solutions for the advancement of science.
The series includes several nanotechnology topics dealing with nanoparticles and nanocrystals in nanomedicine, or buckyballs in industrial applications.
The following podcasts are now available in the CAS media library:
Special Delivery - Nanoparticles Revolutionizing the Drug Delivery Process
View trends seen from the development of drug delivery systems utilizing nanoparticles, identify the primary researchers and organizations within this subject area, and find out about various methods for delivering therapeutic treatments to cells and tissues.
From Fairy Gloves to Nanocrystals: How a Folk Remedy became one of the Greatest Drug Discoveries
This podcast explores the history of the foxglove, from its earliest development and uses of its extract Digitoxin, to research done in modern times.
Exploring Ethanol: The Fuel of the Future
Discover the evolution of research and technology behind the production process of ethanol, whether from traditional crops such as wheat and corn or from converted biomass, and learn about where alternative fuels are made in the world today.
SciFinder Podcast: Post-Katrina New Orleans - What Have We Learned Since 2005?
This podcast takes a look at how SciFinder explores the various factors that may have caused the increased intensity of Hurricane Katrina, discusses several questions that surround the deep impact of the after effects left by the storm, and reveals a few of the scientific discoveries that arose from such a natural disaster.
What People Are Saying about SciFinder
Scientists around the world use SciFinder to find the research information they need--fast! Hear what some of them are saying about the benefits of this great tool.
SciFinder Podcast: The Fastest Set of Wheels in Town - How Buckyballs will Power the Muscle Cars of the Future
This podcast explores the science behind nanocars using SciFinder and reveals what scientists have discovered about them, discusses who is leading the research front in the industry, and shares some of the advancements made in this field.
Get the latest version of SciFinder!
Scientists are excited about the new version of SciFinder. It's easy to navigate and lets you find the information you need. Take a look at what the latest version of SciFinder can do for you.
An organization shares its experiences with the newest version of SciFinder
As the first academic institution to complete a full migration to the newest version of SciFinder, listen as Rob McFarland, PhD, Washington University's (St. Louis) Chemistry and Engineering Librarian, shares his thoughts about their experiences to an audience at a CAS event held during the 2008 ACS National Fall Meeting.
Source: American Chemical Society
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