Posted: December 19, 2008

European RiskBridge project final conference covers nanotechnology risks

(Nanowerk News) The Project Partners of a recently completed European Commission FP6 funded Project called RiskBridge will host an international, interdisciplinary conference on risk governance and policy learning within and across six important risk fields:
  • stem cells
  • nanotechnology
  • radioactive waste
  • sediments
  • climate change and
  • electromagnetic fields
  • The conference will be held at the Scotland House Conference Centre in the heart of the political quarter of Brussels. There is no conference fee for this event, so please register soon to guarantee your place.
    The main purposes of the conference are to disseminate key project findings to academics, scientists and policymakers, and to generate interdisciplinary debate. Over the past three years, the project partners have brought a number of scientific experts and policymakers from the various riskfields together through a series of workshops to consider the principal risk issues associated with each field, criteria for good governance and management of risk, methods to promote learning across risk fields, and management of the science/policy interface.
    Practitioners within the various risk fields, scientists and social scientists interested in general issues around risk governance of complex technologies, and policymakers directly involved in risk management are invited to attend. Individuals working in the commercial sector and relevant NGOs will also find the conference programme directly pertinent to their work in these areas.
    Key themes to be explored in the conference, through keynote talks, panel discussions and thematic workshops, include:
    1. Risk governance processes in national and international contexts
    2. Risk management from academic, commercial and public-sector perspectives
    3. State of the art risk governance and major policy challenges for stem cells, nanotechnology, radioactive waste, sediments, climate change and electromagnetic fields.
    4. Policy learning across risk fields and implications for international risk management.
    5. Transversal issues relevant to risk analysis: The role of systems thinking and adaptive governance
    For enquiries/further information, please contact Dr James Mittra, [email protected] Tel: +44 131 6502453
    Source: Dialogik
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