Posted: January 7, 2009

A foldable world - free e-book on nanotechnology and flexible electronics

(Nanowerk News) Massimo Marrazzo of Italy-based design firm Biodomotica® has published a free e-book on printed flexible electronics.
The book, a work in progress, is a collection of sources, articles and concepts dealing with the emerging field of flexible electronics. Marrazzo is a designer and his collection is not primarily techical, or concerned with nanotechnology per se – although he covers a lot of nano-related topics – but rather an exploration of what nanotechnology-enabled flexible electronics products the future might hold.
Okkio - glasses with zoomable lens and photo camera
Design concept Okkio - glasses with zoomable lens and photo camera
Marrazzo believes that the work of future product designers dealing with flexible electronics will be more akin to fashin and graphic designers, where the focus is on style and concept rather than function.
You can download a copy of the most recent version of Marrazzo's e-book A Foldable World (pdf).
Source: Biodomotica
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