Posted: January 8, 2009

Leading nanobio industry organization expands with nanotechnology thrust

(Nanowerk News) NanoBioNexus, the leading nanobiotechnology non-profit industry organization, announced today that the organization is strategically expanding its scope beyond the life sciences resulting in a formal corporate name change to NanoTecNexus (NTN). The evolution builds on five years of appreciable milestones in the life science sector where the organization was already widely acclaimed for its educational forums, services and expertise. NanoTecNexus debuts a new approach and eclectic model that redefines how key issues in industry and in academia are addressed. A blend of new programs and services will be launched in late January. Additions to the Advisory Council further bolster an already stellar group of thought leaders and power brokers.
NanoTecNexus aims to establish itself as the industry's primary conduit to cutting-edge nanotechnology research in areas such as energy, optics, food and safety, water, medicine, defense and others. Companies from diverse industry interested in the latest innovations and resource expertise will benefit from NanoTecNexus' network with leading academic institutions conducting nanotech research such as UCSD, Penn State, University of Michigan, University of Washington, to name a few. Academia benefits equally from NanoTecNexus' role as a premier industry organization, with significant commercial expertise, ability to advise on opportunities, expand partnerships and provide adjunct solutions and programs.
NanoTecNexus Founder and CEO, Adriana Vela, commented on the vision that led to this change, "It is clear that the rapid rate at which technology and information emerges will continue to challenge industry's ability to grow their business and secure their future. Traditional approaches to sustaining and growing business no longer work. I'm confident that our unique and eclectic business model that blends the needs of industry and academia will enable both parties to capitalize on the rapid advances in the field of nanotechnology." said Vela.
NTN's broader focus beyond the life science industry is evident in the upcoming Jan. 29 event in San Diego, CA devoted to nano-enabled energy. World renowned nanotech expert, Joseph Wang, Ph.D., Professor at University of California San Diego's Nanoengineering Department will present on "Next Generation Power via Man-Made Nanomotors and Nano-enabled Alternative Energy Technologies". Along with many other prestigious awards, Dr. Wang was ranked as the world's most cited scientist in engineering for a decade (1991-2001) by the Institute of Scientific Information. Most fascinating is the fact that he is a chemist. Joining Dr. Wang is UCSD's Nanoengineering Department Chair, Kenneth Vecchio, Ph.D. to present an overview of cutting-edge nanotech capabilities and research at UCSD.
Expansion in NTN's Advisory Council also reflects the broader scope of the organization with the addition of Kristy Facchini, Director at Tatum Partners, Laura Robinson, Founder Chrysalis Life Sciences, Ivan Schuller, Distinguished Physics Professor at UCSD and Emmy Award Winner for the movie "When Things Get Small". The most recent addition is Patricia Glaza, Executive Director/CEO of the Clean Technology and Sustainable Industries Organization (CSTI) and former Founder/CEO of SmallTimes Magazine. The Advisory Council plays a key role in extending the reach and capabilities of the organization.
About NanoTecNexus
NanoTecNexus is a non-profit corporation headquartered in San Diego dedicated to catalyzing collaboration and knowledge exchange in the nanotech field by connecting people, technology, industry and investment. NanoTecNexus enables constituents worldwide to keep up-to-date on the developments of cutting-edge nanotechnologies. Nanotechnology involves manipulating matter smaller than 100 nanometers and taking advantage of properties that are present only at that scale.
Source: NanoTecNexus
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