Posted: January 30, 2009

Australian National Nanotechnology Strategy annual report released

(Nanowerk News) Senator Kim Carr, Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research today released the annual report for the Australian National Nanotechnology Strategy. The report was prepared by the Australian Office of Nanotechnology.
"The report is an enlightening picture of government activity in nanotechnology and its public release a measure of the Government's commitment to transparency and open government," Senator Carr said.
"It provides a welcome indication of how far we have come in nanotechnology research and development.
"Nanotechnology may be too small to see but it has huge potential to improve our lives and provide solutions to major challenges the world is facing today.
"It is already being used in applications such as water filtration, drug delivery for cancer treatment and catalysts for diesel engine fuels to reduce fuel consumption."
Australian and State Government funding supports nanotechnology in a number of ways including through research, development of policy and public awareness and engagement activities.
"Contributions to this report from both commonwealth and state agencies demonstrate the commitment by Australian governments to coordinate across all levels of government," Senator Carr said.
"Nanotechnology advances are happening very quickly so such co-operation is vital to facilitate a coherent approach to research, policy and regulations in this field."
In addition to reporting progress implementing the National Nanotechnology Strategy, the report provides a snapshot of nanotechnology development globally.
Source: Government of Australia
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