Posted: February 18, 2009

Australian nanotechnology joint venture to commercialize clean technologies

(Nanowerk News) South Australia continues to be a focal point for expertise in clean and sustainable technologies with the launch of new venture CleanFutures. CleanFutures is a joint venture of NanoVentures Australia, Australian CleanTech and Bridge8 with the goal of successfully commercialising nanotechnologies that enable clean futures.
Our combination of capabilities and connections means we are able to successfully fund and commercialise technologies that enable clean futures. By combining the IP, technology transfer and commercialisation project management skills of NanoVentures Australia (NVA), with the clean technology and investment market knowledge of Australian CleanTech and the futures work, government networks and marketing capability of Bridge8, CleanFutures plans to establish the template for the commercialisation of enabling technologies.
Dr Kristin Alford, Managing Director of foresight and science communications firm Bridge8 Pty Ltd, said “Technologies that succeed in the future will be ones that serve the community in a sustainable way. These emerging technologies will developed by combining many disciplines. Our combination of skills means we can take an innovative and integrated approach to commercialisation and makes this joint venture an attractive proposition for South Australia.”
Commenting on the launch of CleanFutures, Barry Brook, the Sir Hubert Wilkins Chair of Climate Change at the University of Adelaide, said, “There is an urgent need for innovative solutions and new technologies to address the ever more present problem of climate change. The opportunities for those that provide these solutions are huge.”
CleanFutures has commenced planning for its first three technologies:
  • Carbon nanotube composites for wind turbine blades;
  • Aquasens, a rapid, highly sensitive sensor probe for the detection of nitrates and phosphates in water, and sulphites in wine and food products; and
  • Oxipure, a patented technology for the effective removal of contaminants including arsenic, phosphates and silicates from environmental waters.
  • It is believed that there are many future applications that will be brought to market through the integrated approach of nanotechnology and cleantech: an approach that appears to be a world first.
    John O’Brien, Managing Director of Australian CleanTech, said “Nanotechnology provides many of the enabling mechanisms that allow cleantech companies to deliver both environmental benefits and investment returns. I am very excited about the launch of CleanFutures, as I believe it has the potential to deliver many game changing technologies with benefits for the community, the environment and the economy. These technologies will enable the future to be clean.”
    Dr Peter Binks, CEO of NanoVentures Australia, said “NanoVentures Australia has a portfolio of cleantech technologies ready for market. We see great opportunities in South Australia, with its outstanding research base and strong manufacturing industry”.
    CleanFutures was initiated through discussions between the partners at two recently launched industry networks: the Adelaide Cleantech Network (led by Australian CleanTech) and the Australian Nano Business Forum. "The launch of CleanFutures is a tangible outcome of industry networking and demonstrates the benefits of meeting new colleagues and sharing interests”, said Dr Kristin Alford.
    Source: Bridge8 (press release)
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