Posted: March 2, 2009

IMEC presents innovation in the next 25 years of science and technology

(Nanowerk News) What do the "Zen of Snow" application on an Apple iPhone® and satellites transmitting weather data and telephone signals have in common? To a scientist or technologist, the answer is easy: Nanoelectronics - those minute slips of technology known as integrated circuits, or semiconductors. After all, it is semiconductor technology that has enabled computing and communications to fit in the palm of your hand and let you enjoy turning your iPhone into a snow globe or carry on a business call at the airport.
Consumers rarely think of all the ways that technology simplifies their lives, but executives managing the world's leading high-tech companies are constantly monitoring problems and trends and thinking of solutions for each one. After all, engineers and scientists are fix-it people.
The IMEC Technology Forum brings together executives from companies and institutes in Asia, Europe and the USA to discuss advances in science and technology and to present visions for future innovations. Formerly known as the Annual Research Review Meeting (ARRM), the IMEC Tech Forum is now in its 13th year and takes place at the Crowne Plaza, Le Palace hotel in Brussels, Belgium.
This year, the Forum will highlight the theme of science and technology innovation for the next 25 years to recognize IMEC's quarter-century anniversary. Prominent experts from the industry and from IMEC will share their vision and strategy on scaling and non-scaling activities, on the changes in business approach and on the collaboration opportunities with R&D centers.
ITF2009 kicks off on Tuesday, June 2nd, with the first keynote speaker and a reception at IMEC, giving everyone the opportunity to visit IMEC's state-of-the-art campus.
Wednesday, June 3rd, will see a succession of high-level R&D partner visions, followed by two panel discussions with prominent authorities from the biomedical and photovoltaic domains. In the evening there is a walking dinner followed by a contemporary classical recital of Wim Mertens.
On the third day, Thursday, June 4th, IMEC experts talk about innovation, covering "The 10 nanometer device", "Heterogeneous integration", "Semiconductor technology for the next generation and conversion of renewable energy", "Wireless and optical communication" and "Human++: merging biology and electronics for a better life."
Source: IMEC
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