Posted: March 5, 2009

New London Centre for Nanotechnology honorary professor builds bridges to China

(Nanowerk News) François Grey has been appointed Honorary Professor at the London Centre for Nanotechnology (LCN). Prof. Grey is currently a Visiting Professor at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China’s leading science University. He is engaged in several initiatives which will help to strengthen LCN ties with prominent Chinese institutions, including establishing joint graduate courses and initiating new research projects with leading nanotechnology researchers in the Beijing area.
Professor François Grey speaking about citizen cyberscience at LIFT '08, a major European conference on technology and society
Professor François Grey speaking about citizen cyberscience at LIFT '08, a major European conference on technology and society
François Grey has been a pioneer in nanotechnology, promoting this field of research in Europe over 15 years ago, when it was still in its infancy. He set up one of the first nanotechnology groups in Europe in 1994, at the Microelectronics Centre of the Technical University of Denmark, and was appointed Denmark’s first Professor of Nanotechnology in 2001. His research group in Denmark produced several significant spin-offs, including the first silicon-based single-atom switch and a micro-four point probe technology now commercialized for use in the semiconductor industry. His current research interests include applications of multi-probe technology to nanospintronics and nanomechanical systems based on graphene. Prof. Grey’s scientific career includes experience in Japan, Germany, Switzerland and the U.S.
Prior to moving to China, Prof. Grey was active at CERN, the European Particle Physics Laboratory, where he launched projects to harness volunteer distributed computing for fundamental science and humanitarian research. He also introduced several innovative education and outreach concepts at CERN, such as the CERN openlab student programme, which has enabled over 100 undergraduate and graduate physics and computer science students from around the world to study the latest developments in information technology at CERN, with industry sponsorship.
“What distinguishes François Grey is his ability to exploit new trends in research, build networks between researchers around the world, and communicate his passion for science to students and the general public” explains Quain Professor Gabriel Aeppli. “He brings so much to the institution, not just in terms of his wide experience in nanotechnology, but also through his interests in the application of cutting-edge computer technologies to research, and his contributions to the internationalization of science and education. Thanks to his presence in China, LCN is establishing several novel research and education initiatives, which will be of lasting value as Chinese science takes an increasingly important role on the world stage.”
About the London Centre for Nanotechnology
The London Centre for Nanotechnology, is a UK-based, multidisciplinary research centre forming the bridge between the physical and biomedical sciences. It was conceived from the outset with a management structure allowing for a clear focus on scientific excellence, exploitation and commercialisation. It brings together two world leaders in nanotechnology, namely University College London and Imperial College London, in a unique operating model that accesses the combined skills of multiple departments, including medicine, chemistry, physics, electrical and electronic engineering, biochemical engineering, materials and earth sciences, and two leading technology transfer offices.
Source: London Centre for Nanotechnology
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