Posted: April 6, 2009

University of Sydney launches Institute of Photonics and Optical Science

(Nanowerk News) On April 23, the Institute for Photonics and Optical Science (IPOS) will be formally opened by Senator Anne McEwen, Chair of the Standing Committee Communications, Environment and the Arts and Dr Michael Spence, the Vice-Chancellor of The University of Sydney. IPOS, is a major new Institute, building on a substantial track record and critical mass of research excellence. The formal launch will be followed by a Symposium with internationally renowned speakers to present the current and future role of photonics.
The formal launch will be mid-morning, followed by the Symposium. The Symposium, “Faster, Further, Smarter”, will provide national and international perspectives on photonics and optical science, providing context for the IPOS mission and opportunities. It will explain the impact this enabling technology will have on the technological pillars of our society (health, energy, environment, ICT, defence) and how it will allow us to understand our universe on the largest and smallest scales (astronomy to nanotechnology). It will also provide insights on photonics from a government and industry / economic perspective.
Source: University of Sydney
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