CIC nanGUNE Research Center gets a new research group

(Nanowerk News) The CIC nanGUNE Research Center has placed its new research group into operation, focused on theoretical and computational physics of material, under the direction of Professor Emilio Artacho, Ikerbasque researcher from the University of Cambridge, where he worked at the Department of Physics Cavendish Laboratory. Emilio Artacho, CIC nanoGUNE Theory Group Leader
Emilio Artacho, CIC nanoGUNE Theory Group Leader
The Teoría Research Group at CIC nanoGUNE will research complex liquids and solids by means of molecular dynamics, based on the functional theory of the density. The possible applications of this group’s research covers sectors as varied as mining and the computation of biotechnologies and the energy sector.

To carry out their research, scientists in the new Teoría group will use the storage and computation nodes at the University of the Basque Country by means of a an agreement recently signed by the university itself, CIC nanoGUNE and the EUSKAMPUS Campus of Excellence.

Recently, Emilio Artacho has centred on the study of nanostructured materials like carbon nanotubes, biomolecules and liquid and solid materials in general.

Emilio Artacho obtained his doctorate in Physics of Matter from the Autonomous University of Madrid in 1990. Later, he worked for two years at the University of California in Berkley and another year at the Max-Planck Institute for Solid State Research.

After returning to the Autonomous University of Madrid in 1993, in 2001 he moved to the Department of Earth Sciences of the University of Cambridge where he became a professor in 2006.

In addition to Artacho, the group is made up by researchers Fabiano Corsetti, Nicholas C. Bristowe and M. Ashan.
Source: nanoBasque
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