Scientists present new method to synthesize antibacterial polyethylene nanofibres

(Nanowerk News) Researchers at Tarbiat Modarres University in Iran succeeded in the synthesis of antibacterial polyethylene fibres containing silver nanoparticles by using ultrasonic process through floating method (see paper in Ultrasonics Chemistry: "Synthesis and Characterization of Ag [email protected] fibers under Ultrasound irradiation").
The product of this process is cost-effective and it has desirable durability and quality.
The research was carried out in order to produce and to study polyethylene–silver antibacterial composite through ultrasonic process. The result of the research is a product with very reasonable price, high durability, and desirable quality. Industrially speaking, the process is cost-effective and is able to compete with other similar samples due to its ease of execution, high efficiency, and due to the fact that the raw materials are produced inside the country.
The method used in this research has overcome some of the disadvantages in the conventional methods, such as the need for high pressure and temperature, not obtaining homogenous and nanometric coatings, and so forth. In addition, the presented method is cost-effective from energy consumption viewpoint.
The production of polyethylene fibres containing silver nanostructures was studied in this research by using a specific method at ultrasonic media. In this method, the effects of various parameters including the concentration of initial materials, temperature, pH value, and the presence of ultrasound waves and their intensity were evaluated on the formation and stabilization of nanoparticles of metallic structures on the fibres. The optimum conditions were presented after the production and stabilization of nanoparticles on the fibres by studying the effects of antibacterial properties of the fibres and different conditions of synthesis on the antibacterial ability of the fibres.
Source: INIC
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