Wayne State aims to become regional hub forn nanotechnology research

(Nanowerk News) Wayne State University today announced an initiative to increase and diversify microtechnology research at its multimillion dollar Nano Fabrication Core Facility (nFab).
The cleanroom lab, which was originally built to focus on automotive applications, has recently been home to a broader set of nano technology research and development by WSU faculty and students. WSU has re-launched the lab and opened it to researchers, students and companies throughout the region, who would otherwise not have access to the rare microfabrication environment with a valuation exceeding approximately $12 million.
“The lab initially focused on the automotive industry but has widened its scope to include biosensors, targeted drug delivery and medical devices,” said nFab director and WSU Department of Chemistry professor David Coleman. “Microfabrication is now used in many research fields, from biological micro-electromechanical systems to nano-electrochemechanical systems and from flat-panel displays to solar cells and more. There’s really no limit to how this lab can assist researchers looking to discover and create new things.”
Source: Wayne State University
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