Free webinar: Contact Resonance Tools for AFM Nanomechanics

(Nanowerk News) Asylum Research, an Oxford Instruments company, will host a new webinar on June 26, 2013, “Contact Resonance Tools for AFM Nanomechanics”. Dr. Donna Hurley, Project Leader at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Asylum Research President and co-founder, Dr. Roger Proksch, will be presenting and taking questions. The webinar is focused on materials scientists looking to probe nanomechanical properties and measuring moduli in the 1 to 200 GPa range for materials such as composites, thin films, biomaterials and polymer blends.
Modulus map of plant cell wall
Modulus map of plant cell walls acquired on Asylum Research Cypher™ AFM. Sample provided by Dr. Bryon Donohoe (NREL). Image courtesy of Dr. Jason Killgore (NIST).
“Nanoscale information on mechanical properties is critical for many advanced materials and nanotechnology applications,“ commented Hurley. “While there are a large number of techniques for more compliant samples, few techniques are capable of measuring moduli in the 1 to 200 GPa range. Contact resonance is an excellent technique for sensitive, quantitative measurements for these materials. This webinar will be an excellent education for researchers wanting to learn more about the technique.”
The webinar will cover the basic concepts of contact resonance measurements with different approaches including point spectroscopy, qualitative contrast imaging, and quantitative mapping. Discussion will also include practical implementation of contact resonance to a variety of samples and some of the pitfalls and artifacts that may be encountered. Finally, results will be presented on how CR methods have been used to improve the understanding of systems such as composites, thin films, biomaterials, and polymer blends.
Source: Asylum Research
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