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Using light to modulate the properties of a copper-based superconductor

Researchers used a technique based on applying short flashes of light to observe and analyse the features of a superconductor at high critical temperature, a material with major prospects for technological applications. In addition to providing an explanation for the peculiar behaviour of the material, the study also opens to the possibility of controlling its characteristics by means of laser pulses.

Posted: Jul 14th, 2014

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Nanotechnology fabrication - from stronger Kevlar to better biology

Place two large, sturdy logs in a streambed, and they will help guide the water in a par­tic­ular direc­tion. But imagine if the water started mim­ic­king the rigidity of the logs in addi­tion to flowing along them. That's essen­tially what hap­pens in a directed assembly method devel­oped by a researcher at Northeastern University.

Posted: Jul 14th, 2014

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Researchers discover an all-boron fullerene

Researchers have shown that a cluster of 40 boron atoms forms a hollow molecular cage similar to a carbon buckyball. It's the first experimental evidence that a boron cage structure - previously only a matter of speculation - does indeed exist.

Posted: Jul 13th, 2014

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Dating by electrode

Voltammetry of microparticles used to date archeological artifacts made of copper and bronze.

Posted: Jul 11th, 2014

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