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Bringing bacteria's defense into focus

By taking a series of near-atomic resolution snapshots, scientists have observed step-by-step how bacteria defend against foreign invaders such as bacteriophage, a virus that infects bacteria.

Posted: Jul 10th, 2017

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Kinky biology

Scientists explore DNA folding, cellular packing with supercomputer simulations.

Posted: Jul 6th, 2017

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How are long strands of DNA packed into tiny cells?

How DNA is 'packaged' in cells influences the activity of our genes and our risk for disease. Elucidating this process will help researchers in all areas of health care, from cancer and heart disease, to muscular dystrophy and osteoarthritis.

Posted: Jun 29th, 2017

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Novel molecular dynamics captures atomic-level detail of CRISPR-Cas9 activity

Using a novel molecular dynamics method capable of capturing the motion of gyrating proteins at time intervals up to one thousand times greater than previous efforts, researchers have identified, for the first time, the myriad structural changes that activate and drive CRISPR-Cas9, the innovative gene-splicing technology that's transforming the field of genetic engineering.

Posted: Jun 29th, 2017

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How does nanotechnology work?