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Study reveals new mechanism for DNA folding

Scientists describe a hitherto unknown mechanism for DNA folding. Their findings provide new insights into chromosomal processes that are vital to both normal development and to prevent disease.

Apr 19th, 2023

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Genetically encoded nano-barcodes

How do the nerve cells in our brain communicate with each other? What processes take place when T cells render cancer cells harmless? Special reporter proteins may help unveil these mechanisms.

Apr 18th, 2023

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Safe bioink for artificial organ printing

Development of 3D bioprinting ink that induces tissue regeneration without photocuring. Expected applications including patient-specific regenerative treatment technologies, such as artificial organs.

Apr 14th, 2023

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Simple but revolutionary modular organoids

Scientists have developed an ingenious device, using layers of hydrogels in a cube-like structure, that allows researchers to construct complex 3D organoids without using elaborate techniques.

Apr 11th, 2023

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How artificial intelligence can improve protein detection

Small proteins play a critical role in the regulation of immune response, inflammation and neurodegenerative diseases. In order to better detect and study them, scientists have combined one of the most effective microscopy methods, called iSCAT, with artificial intelligence.

Apr 10th, 2023

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