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Chemists create clusters of organelles by mimicking nature

Researchers have succeeded in organizing spherical compartments into clusters mimicking the way natural organelles would create complex structures. They managed to connect the synthetic compartments by creating bridges made of DNA between them. This represents an important step towards the realization of so-called molecular factories.

Posted: Nov 2nd, 2016

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Lithium ion extraction

A combined polymer/metal - organic composite membrane allows for the effective separation of lithium from contaminants in brines.

Posted: Nov 2nd, 2016

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Nanomaterials for neurology: State-of-the-art

In this review, scientists provide a neurobiological overview of key neurological disorders and describe the different types of nanomaterials in use. They present many of the different applications that advances in nanotechnology are having in the field of neurological sciences and discuss the issue of toxicity of the nanomaterials.

Posted: Nov 1st, 2016

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Bringing nano environmental health and safety assessment to the wider discussion on risk governance of key enabling technologies

The EU FP7 Sustainable Nanotechnologies (SUN) Project is coming to its end in March 2017. The project has designed its final events to serve as an effective platform to communicate the main results achieved in its course within the Nanosafety community and bridge them to a wider audience addressing the emerging risks of Key Enabling Technologies (KETs).

Posted: Oct 31st, 2016

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