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Talking speckles

The amount of light, passing through an opaque layer, can be enhanced using smart techniques. At the same time, the amount of reflected light diminishes, researchers now show. It's as if light speckles have a conversation of their own.

Posted: Oct 24th, 2016

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New materials with photonic crystals that filter radiation

Researchers have proposed various designs of materials of a photonic crystal type that can be used to filter radiation. Specifically, the focus has been to develop a coating comprising dielectric spheres which if applied to a window, for example, would prevent the outside heat entering in the summer and the indoor heat from escaping in winter.

Posted: Oct 24th, 2016

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New antireflective coating reduces stray light and reflections

Researchers are exhibiting a new type of antireflective coating that significantly reduces stray light and reflections from plastic lenses. Not only does this improve the performance of cameras and headlights, it's also good news for virtual reality technologies and Industrie 4.0.

Posted: Oct 21st, 2016

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Ultralow power transistors could function for years without a battery

A newly-developed form of transistor opens up a range of new electronic applications including wearable or implantable devices by drastically reducing the amount of power used. Devices based on this type of ultralow power transistor could function for months or even years without a battery by 'scavenging' energy from their environment.

Posted: Oct 20th, 2016

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