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New class of polymers discovered

Researchers have discovered a new class of ultra-thin polymer films with potential applications ranging from coating tiny microelectronic devices to plastic solar cells.

Jan 3rd, 2007

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Nanohighway to solar cells

Hiroshi Imahori of Kyoto University discusses electrophoresis as a means to make molecular highways for organic solar cells

Jan 2nd, 2007

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Nanotechnology and intellectual property issues

Nanotechnology applications are expanding the limits of science and medicine, they are stretching the boundaries of intellectual property law. As with other waves of innovation, nanotechnology will catalyze change in social, scientific, and legal arenas.

Dec 26th, 2006

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Nanotechnology for Life Sciences

Nanotechnologies for the Life Sciences is the first comprehensive source covering the convergence of materials and life sciences on the nanoscale.

Dec 22nd, 2006

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