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Superior hydrogen catalyst just grows that way

Scientists aim at bringing down the cost of hydrogen fuel cells by using a dirt-cheap compound to create an uneven surface that resembles a plant's leaves. The additional area helps catalyze hydrogen almost as efficiently as platinum.

Posted: Dec 5th, 2017

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Thermal gradients are shown to enhance spin transport in graphene

Researchers have demonstrated that the application of a thermal gradient in spintronic devices can cause spin signal to increase as a result of a novel thermoelectric phenomenon predicted and subsequently observed in graphene. Specifically, the enhanced spin signal is two orders of magnitude larger than anything previously reported for thermal effects in metals.

Posted: Dec 5th, 2017

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Humidity switches molecular diode off and on

An international group of scientists has developed the first switchable molecular diode. You can turn this on and off through humidity. Vice versa, it is a humidity sensor at the nanoscale.

Posted: Dec 4th, 2017

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