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Nanostructured alloying with oxygen

Scientists have analysed in-situ copper-iron alloys during annealing to find out when and how oxide is formed and how it can be used to strengthen nanocrystalline materials.

Posted: Apr 9th, 2018

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Water purification breakthrough uses sunlight and nanostructured hydrogels

Scientists have developed a cost-effective and compact technology using combined gel-polymer hybrid materials. Possessing both hydrophilic qualities and semiconducting properties, these hydrogels enable the production of clean, safe drinking water from any source, whether it's from the oceans or contaminated supplies.

Posted: Apr 6th, 2018

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Light 'relaxes' crystal to boost solar cell efficiency

Some materials are like people. Let them relax in the sun for a little while and they perform a lot better. Researchers have found that to be the case with a perovskite compound touted as an efficient material to collect sunlight and convert it into energy.

Posted: Apr 5th, 2018

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